How dare you go in my bag Shelley and it’s not even your size but the colour suits you 😂

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@Rylan: So amazing seeing my xxx

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Asami at Whisky Mist in London with George and JJ from Union J - July 26th

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@K8JCV: Just made a birthday cake for the birthday boy! Lemon drizzle. His favourite.

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@TimGoodwin2491: Happy birthday to this beautiful chap! @JoshUJWorld much love bro xxx 💙

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i saw! :P but i wasnt sure if it was mine or not though haha. i think i saw a few people edit the same picture lol 

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Happy 22nd Birthday Joshua Thomas John Cuthbert

Wow I cant believe you are 22. Its so hard to believe because you are so young at heart. You make everyone laugh no matter the situation. You are a giant goofball but also super caring. You care about all of us so much and go out of your way to show it. Happy Birthday Josh <3

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Happy 21st Birthday George 

I can’t believe that you’re already 21, I still remember that cute lil baby faced 18 year old boy who worked in a coffee shop who I fell in love with from the moment he walked on stage for his X Factor audition. And here we are a few years later…you’re in a boy band with your 4 new best friends, you’re travelling the world and writing music. Your dreams have come true. Words cannot describe how proud I am of you, I have seen you grow from the shy giggling boy during The X Factor to a more confident (still giggling) man. Your journey of success has been unreal and it will continue to grow. Happy 21st Birthday beautiful, I hope you have the best birthday ever and get everything you want, ily 

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27th July 1993; Happy 21st Birthday George Paul Shelley!

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Happy 22nd birthday, Josh Cuthbert ♡

Joshua… you are truly one of a kind. You make all of us laugh until we cry, you can be random and crazy while still being full of passion, humility and sincerity. You truly shine when you’re on stage, you are one of the most talented people I know and I’m so glad you get to share your voice with the world. Thank you for showing us that it’s okay to be a little bit weird sometimes, because the right people will still love you anyway. Have the most amazing birthday! ♥

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